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Information Channel

  • News across the four corners of the world to capture the background analysis of current events the focus of report pan & scan.
  • To grasp the pulse of the world to listen to the voice of the Chinese.
  • Gospel Channel

    • When the confusion of life, when faced with the door closed, God opened a window for us to.
    • Spread love regardless of race beyond the borders.
    • Variety Channel

    • Human history books Township, tasting the wisdom of philosophers 100 accent for his homeland warmth of life to pass.
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      Transport & Travel Channel

    • Across the mountain stream crossed the Gobi desert to the wheel marks sway elegant life.
    • Perfect with a rich journey of self-sentiment.
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      Sports & Health Channel

    • Jin sports major health campaign to show passionate advocate healthy living city.
    • Fond of sports and love of life.
    • Music Channel

    • Bursting with classic songs like blazing golden notes gorgeous bloom.
    • Fun Fashion melody sound exclusive territory of my music, I call the shots.
    • Find music to listen to the story the story of the music locked frequency of Flying Dreams.



    Fashion Life Channel

  • Dissemination of information to guide the trend of consumption of living.
  • The ever-changing variety of life, the lives of their dreams, dreams come true local lifestyle channel VSP.
    • Children Channel

    • In special education from the game in the joy of cognitive experience life with innocence, with love and create happy.
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      Education & Migration Channel

    • Tailor-made education fun learning to stay relaxed attentive service.
    • Rational planning policy, a comprehensive analysis of investment in security services program.
    • Immigrant workers invest in education, study abroad immigration channel bridge.
    • Elderly Channel

    • Yunjuanyunshu embrace of life's most leisurely sun Chunhua Qiushi Meaningful chapters written in the years of the most.
    • Taste life, to share health, several times photocathode Cantabile!
    • So that the elderly have listened to the community to listen to old folk from the eyes of the world to restore the old world in the eyes of the elderly.
    • Concerned about the life of the elderly, health and emotional Meet the sunset red, sunset accompanied by the situation.
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      Economics Channel

    • Insight into the economy to seize the attention to people's livelihood, investment hotspots offer Consumer Guide.
    • Said that the story of money, speaking the truth Money.