About The Voice of South Pole

  • Voice of South Pole is a commercial radio station which was approved by the New Zealand Government and founded by Chinese people, with full coverage of Christchurch and its surrounding communities and providing a 24 hour broadcasting service every day. It is also the only Chinese broadcast media that owns the most brand programs, independent channels, and independent resources of channels, transmission and commission. Since it was founded in 2007, by relying on the support of friends from different areas and in accordance with the object of “Civilization Communication and Harmonization Advocacy”, Voice of South Pole has earnestly recorded the life of migration, voluntarily served Chinese communities, enthusiastically publicized multiculturalism, sincerely devoted itself into humane care, won large numbers of audiences due to objectivity, justice, responsibility, and kindness and has built good image of Chinese media and an outstanding broadcasting brand.
  • Currently the prime-time advertising, sponsored and name-entitled advertising, hourly-announced advertising, interactive audio-on-demand, outdoor advertising and a number of channels have been positioned to attract merchants and investment. We are honestly inviting business partners to join us, anticipating the cooperation of programs and looking forward to the entry of new teams. The Voice of South Pole grows together with you.